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Empower Young People Through the Arts 



DARTS offers its members information about innovative practices and pedagogies and a connection among the arts--drama, visual arts, music, and dance/movement. Help your students shine by advocating for music, drama, visual and performing arts. Collaborate with other professionals in your field to get support, exchange ideas and participate in regional events and activities.

To join DARTS, visit the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) website. DARTS membership is $20 a year, $10 for students.

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JOIN the Division of Visual and Performing Arts Education (DARTS)! Become a member of CEC’s newestdivision and the first professional organization, ever, to focus on the arts for students with disabilities! CEC is the first professional organization to recognize this growing movement of special education and arts educators. DARTS is an “umbrella division” that includes all areas of special education and all areas of arts education. Add your voice to this new professional movement!

Help us BUILD collaboration between special education and arts education teachers. It is not there, yet –
the professional fields are not connected. DARTS will bring art, music, drama, and dance/movement educators together with special educators to share and learn from each other. Our DARTS website brings national, international, and community arts/special education organizations together and accessible for the first time. 

Help us spread the word about our students’ successes in the arts. The successes are there because the arts teach to our students’ strengths! Our DARTS newsletters and emails will highlight arts/special education programs and arts teaching successes and behavioral breakthroughs. 

DARTS needs you. Join us and share your stories, lessons and ideas, and enthusiasm for the arts. DARTS focuses on our students’ strengths, please share your own with us. Join us today. A basic CEC membership costs $65.00 (10% less for students). Becoming a DARTS member adds just $20.00 (students - $10.00). If you are a CEC member, please add DARTS to your division choices and share your arts interests.

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Free subscription to DARTS News.

Teaching techniques and adaptations to make your teaching easier and more successful.

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Last Updated:  3 March, 2021

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