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Journal of the Arts and Special Education 

A publication of the Division of the Visual and Performing Arts of the Council for Exceptional Children
Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2019

Welcome to JASE, DARTS New Journal!
Introduction to the Inaugural Issue
of the Journal for the Arts
and Special Education

by Alida Anderson and Jenna Gabriel


Image by Alexas Fotos from Pixabay.

Chronicling Our History
The Road to DARTS: Recognizing the Improbable and Steering Around the "No's"
by Beverly Gerber and Juliann Dorff
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Image by Stokpic from Pixabay.

Dramatic Arts Integration Practices for Learning and Growth Across PK-12
by Alida Anderson, Kathleen Farrand, Christine Dobson, Wendy Oakes, Megan T. Deeg, and Liora Valero
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Image by Tatyana Kazakova from Pixabay.

Image by Tatyana Kazakova from Pixabay.

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